what is a ketogenic and what is his benefits


be successful at controlling blood glucose levels and reducing weight. Ketogenic/keto  diets could be very useful for people with diabetes to avoid health complications in general.

To be more clear and detailed, there are  four important points that are supposed to be discussed in this article and that can seen in the following questions:

  • What is a ketogenic diet?
  • What are the benefits of keto diet?
  • How to follow a ketogenic diet ?
  • What are the side effects of keto diet?

What is a ketogenic diet?

“ketogenic” is a term for low-carbs diet.

In other words, it is a diet that causes the body to release ketones into blood stream, and it is almost recommended by doctors and experts for individuals,

especially diabetics to get more calories from protein and fat, and less carbohydrates .

Therefore, one’s body is encouraged to earn its energy from burning body fat, which provides an energy source known as ketones.

Moreover, it is allowed for both type1 and type 2 diabetics since it helps lower the body’s demand for insulin.

How to follow a ketogenic diet?

There are a number of types of ketogenic diet with variations in level of carbohydrates and protein allowed in the diet, but here, we have chosen to talk about the healthiest one, which should be consisting of about 75℅ fat, or less than 50grams of carbs per day.

So, to make it a successful, one should carefully pick up or rather focus on high fat, low- carbs foods like; eggs, meat, vegetables that grow above ground, fish and sea foods. Those are just some of the typical foods that can be enjoyable on ketogenic diet.

On the other hand, foods containing a lot of carbs should be avoided as much as possible.

Including both sugary and starchy kind, which in turn implies foods like bread, pasta, rice and potatoes, because they are very high in carbs.


What are the benefits of keto diet?

It is undoubtful that Keto diet has plenty of benefits that have been shown in many studies and researches.

Burning ketones, boosts weight loss, strengthens your brain, stabilizes blood sugar, lowers inflammations and also protect your heart.

Strengthen brain :It has been shown in many studies that individuals who are on keto can get their brain protected from cognitive decline and improve memory, which means that the more you get good fats on keto, the more your brain can be kept strong .

Stabilizes blood sugar: Keto can be beneficial for diabetics who have high blood glucose levels. How s that?

Eating too many carbs causes diabetics’bodies blood sugar to spike, but once they switch to fat for energy, they get their blood sugar stabilized. Thus, they may become able even to come off with their medications.

Lowers inflammations : When you have diabetes, you constantly suffer from inflammations your body pumps out.

And once you are on keto diet, that undoubtfully helps you switch off that inflammatory pathways,

since ketones produce fewer free radicals compared to glucose .

 The side effects of ketogenic

Once you switch your body’s metabolism form burning carbs (glucose) to fat and ketones , you may have some side effects as your body gets used to its new fuel.

This may be seen in term of these symptoms; tiredeness, muscle fatigue, cramping, headache and heart palpitations. However, these sides effects are short term for most people, and there are ways to reduce or even cure them. 

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