Top 10 most rare animals in the world


Most Of the animal species on Earth, many are on the verge of extinction. Involved, the Man of course, and his incredible ability to destroy everything in its path! Discover in pictures the 10 most rare animals on the planet, the ones you do not run into on your way.

1 The Northern White Rhino

The white rhinoceros is the largest of all rhinos. And for good reason, it measures no less than 4 meters long for a height of 1.90 meters and a weight of 3 tons. But it also has the longest horn of all species of rhinoceros, which has been hunted relentlessly until there is no one left in the wild. The last white rhinoceros male of the North having died in 2018, the species is condemned to disappear. Indeed, there are only two females still alive.

2 The turtle of Cantor

Many species of turtles are becoming increasingly rare on the planet. This is particularly the case of the turtle Cantor, a giant turtle that can measure up to 2 meters long and has a particularly wide head. His particuliarity ? She spends most of her time buried in the sand and only comes out twice a day to breathe!

3 The Pacific porpoise

With nearly 30 individuals still alive, the Pacific Porpoise is one of the rarest and most endangered animals on the planet. This cetacean, which is the smallest in the world, lives alone in shallow waters in the northern Gulf of California.

4 The Hainan gibbon

Hainan’s Gibbon is the rarest primate in the world. And for good reason, this endemic species of the island of Hainan, in China, would count no more than thirty individuals, the rest of the population having been decimated by the poachers or having disappeared because of the deforestation.

5 The Florida Panther

Despite all the efforts to perpetuate the species that lived throughout the southeastern United States, there would be only 50 individuals living in southern Florida.

6 The North American Hairy Wombat

The northern hairy-nosed wombat is a little taller than its cousin the common wombat. Indeed, this herbivore is 1 meter long and weighs about 40 kilos. Only 115 individuals would still live in Australia on the Queensland Reserve.

7 The lazy dwarf

The sloth dwarf is much smaller than its big cousin and lives only in mangrove forests on a Panama island, Escudo island of Veraguas. The exact number of lazy dwarves still alive is not known, but it is estimated at a little over 100.

8 The big-mouthed shark

Discovered in 1976, the bigmouth shark is distinguished, as its name suggests, by its huge mouth that can measure up to 1 meter long. Even better, his head is half the length of his body. When we know that this shark is a little over 5 meters long, we imagine that it must be particularly impressive. However, it will be difficult to cross because there would be only a few hundred people in the wild.

9 The bald ibis

The bald ibis is a wading bird that stands out for its long beak, bare head and particularly dense plumage around the neck. Rather large, this bird has an average wingspan of 1.30 meters when spreading its wings. Especially because of hunting and poisoning by pesticides, there would be only 200 left in the wild.

The giant squid

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For thousands of years, many legends have recounted the so-called existence of a huge sea monster with tentacles. The giant squid, which lives in the great depths of the oceans, is so rare that it has almost never been filmed or photographed. So we do not know how many specimens there are in the wild and how big they are, even if they are estimated to be between 10 and 20 meters long.