How to Get Kids to Eat Healthy


Including your kids while cooking:

All children like to taste the food they made with their own hands. If you see them as too small or too young to cook their meals from scratch, why not just give them simple tasks to let them feel that they are useful and have had a hand in the meal you are cooking.

Simple tasks could be measuring ingredients, stirring a bowl, or tossing a salad are all considered great starting points.When children do that, they also see how ingredients are put together and how entire meals are combined and they will eat them with you.

Leading by example:

Children are easily influenced by their surroundings including culture, media, peers, and family. Bearing that in mind, parental influence is very important in shaping their general habit and attitudes towards everything including food.

Parents can lead their children to healthy eating habits or to disordered eating ones. Fortunately, there are several practices associated with developing healthy eaters:

  • Expose children to a variety of healthy and novel foods
  • Praise them when they opt for healthy foods
  • Make sure others around the child eat nutritiously as well, so they see it modeled for them.

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