How to Get Kids to Eat Healthy


Letting them make their own plates:

All kids keep thinking and saying “I want to make my own plate.” Why not let them exercise their independence in the kitchen as well while making interested to try new foods.

It might be difficult at first, but after few tries most kids will be willing to add healthy food if they have the autonomy to do so.

You simply need to give them a list of what every meal should contain and give them another list of every ingredient containing it, this way they will make their own healthy eating plans.

Never force it:

Providing choices is always a key element to successful healthy diet. Sometimes, despite all your efforts, you might end up with a picky eater on your hand. So, in order to deal with those picky eaters, never ever force them to eat something, always keep introducing new foods and ingredients more than once with different preparations as they change taste.

You should offer them different foods in different forms with different seasoning. Even if you see that your efforts are meaningless, never give up as you never know when or what will change them, just keep trying.


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