How to eat healthy while traveling 7 secrets


Travelling and eat healthy in the same time I a very challenging thing to do.There is nothing better than travelling and moving from one place to another and enjoying the view with an energized body and a full stomach with. In order to achieve this, there are 7 magical tips to help you reach your goal as a traveler.

1. Healthy Packing:

There is absolutely nothing better than going to the store prior to your travel with a list of healthy snack options to buy. This helps avoid wasting money on sugary and salty snacks on the go, and het something nutritious to eat every few hours.

There are two types of food you can take with you in your travels depending on where and what mean of transportation you will be using, you will either opt for non-perishable foods which require no fridge and are useful for the people taking their backpack with their bus/train ticket to travel. Such foods are:

nuts and seeds, dried fruit or freshly cool kept fruits, apple slices, jerky, whole-wheat crackers, carrot slices with hummus,

and homemade sandwiches with wholegrain bread and some tune or crushed avocado and chickpea, just avoid processed meats and cheese.

On the other hand, there are foods which require the fridge and are more suitable for travelers with their own cars.

These foods which require a cooler are: salads with grains and colorful veggies, pre-chopped veggies and fruits to consume directly with no need to clean or chop them on the road, and finally some boiled eggs.

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