Food poisoning in pregnancy

We have all suffered from food poisoning, , but you might wonder how serious this experience could get if you get food poisoning while being pregnant.

In this article, we will try to discuss the risks of having food poisoning as well as how to avoid it, and what to do if you happen to have it at some point in your pregnancy.


How harmful food poisoning could be to my baby?

The fetus is always at risk from anything the mama might be suffering from.

In some cases, food poisoning might cause a miscarriage of stillbirth. However, not all food poisoning cases will lead to this unwanted result; depending on the different sources of food poisoning, and what kind of food poisoning you fell prey to.

Also, the risk of harming the baby from food poisoning depends on the stage of pregnancy you are in when you had it.

In other words, food poisoning is not always harmful to the baby, in some cases nothing at all happens to the baby. What is really important is to keep your body hydrated the whole time in order to maintain the safety of your baby especially in hot weather.

There are many types of bacterial infections which might affect the fetus like e-coli, campylobacteria, and salmonella.

This infection might cause the fetus to have some health problems after birth or even cause stillbirth.

In most cases, suffering from food poisoning will not be harmful to your baby, but it will give you a very unpleasant experience.

Your body is already week and tired from the continuous demands of pregnancy; consequently, when you are feeling that week already and you get food poisoning, it is like adding salt to injury.

So, even though your baby will not be harmed in the majority of food poisoning cases, yet you have to be extremely careful as it is believed that the healthier you are the better for your developing baby.

How to avoid food poisoning?

The best way to avoid it is to follow a pregnancy diet plan and refrain from taking anything risky which might affect you or your baby.

Refrain from taking chilled pre-cooked foods like fish, chicken, deli meats…etc.

such kinds of food have a very high level of containing bacterial infections like listeria.

Something important to keep in mind is that when we say that you should avoid certain foods, it does not mean that you must stop eating them altogether, it only means that you should keep them to a minimum and always take well-cooked fish or meat because when they are cooked for over a minute in a heat preceding 70°, they became safe to eat.

If I get food poisoning, should I go to the doctor?

It goes without saying that you must always stay hydrated whenever you fall sick from food poisoning. Always have enough time to rest and focus all your energy on recovering.

And most importantly, never try to push through the pain, because the more ill you are, the more you suffer, and consequently the more your baby will suffer as well.

Whenever you feel unsure about what you have and how risky and harmful it is to you or your baby, go pay your doctor a visit to clear all uncertainties.

Sometime some serious illness like listeria might start with simple symptoms like a flu or an uneasy stomach, so when you suffer from more than one symptom or you couldn’t maintain hydrated for over a day, go and check with your doctor, as the proverb says “Better safe than sorry.”

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