best 9 tips for Parents to Help Kids Stop Fighting


the conflicts between siblings in a widespread thing that happens from a time to another, but what matters is that they should be able to solve their problems, concerning parents there are numerous things and plans the can adopt to help their children out they can also find ways to teach them to solve problems without a parental intervention

1 – Bring your children’s models.

sometimes the characters in your child’s cartoon can have a huge influence in his behavior,he may get hostile especially in presence of brothers and sisters,so if your child starts fighting just tell him he should be like cinderella who forgave her stepsisters and mention to him how did harry potter made peace with his cousin at the end of the story in the original book .make sure kids love stories about forgiveness and the prominence of the family.

2 – Create a pot of money or job.

here again, it’s a smart way that will make your kids avoid fighting, if you catch them fightings you can punish them by asking each to pay a small “fine” to the jar and if they don’t have money to give you can charge them a small mission around the house

3 – Ask your children to write a letter.

ask your children to write down their feelings is a good thing ,firstly this way allow them to have their feelings known and not to feel forsake all the time ,moreover it’s a chance to realize that they are a part of a bigger thing then fighting on small things besides, if kids hate writing they will always pay attention because getting into a fight means writing time

4 – Give your children time one by one

it is known between parents that doing things special with each of your kids individually might make them feel jealous but it seems that it’s working idea because when kids get similar attention, it teaches kids that they are remarkable and valued and aren’t just a bunch of boys and girls engaged to stay together with their parents, and fighting isn’t any more a way to prove their presence, the condition here is to avoid discrimination between kids

5 – Train your children to stand with each other … and for themselves.

the tensions can be worsed when you play favorites it’d like by defending one sibling you make the other feel unimportant that is why you should coach your kids into solving problems by their own or at least helping each other and make their needs obvious to each other.

6 – Ask them to solve a problem together.


a puzzle can be sufficient to make your kids learn to help each other when they are fighting just give them a puzzle when the slove it, give them a harder on and by the time they will teach to help and rely on each other for support

7 – Put them outside.


going out and taking kids to parks or football fields, watching a movie together at the cinema .these are all good ideas that make you kids know that there are other things and diverse habits that help them discover a new thing, new world, and forget about fighting and yelling at the house

8 – Plan a vacation.


a plan vacation is good opportnité for kids to relax and get a ride of stress we are not asking you a fly to the Bahamas , just take them camping on the weekend or a trip to the zoo

9 – Give your children some perspective.


be nice, if you know they have a problem or an issue sit down and talk to them tey to know how huge the problem is is it simple, midium, or large. this way you help them to figure things out on their own