7 Ways to Get Your Diet off to a Good Start


Many people have set different goals, yet starting a diet in order to lose weight and to improve one’s health is certainly a worthy goal. However, having such goal can overwhelm you a little bit. Starting something new is always challenging, especially when it comes to one’s own eating and drinking habits.

Nevertheless, everyone can meet their goals of losing weight as long as they don’t try to change the whole program at once. However, the most important thing about losing weight is to keep it up, as there is no point in losing weight if you will gain it right back. To do so, you must read to learn how other people lost their weight and what are the actual masters’ secrets in doing it.

The seven doors to achieve your goal are as follows:

Following a Healthy Diet Plan:

The WLC plan (Weight Loss Clinic plan) is one example of the healthy eating plans you should follow as it includes foods you enjoy as well as plenty of healthy not-heavily-processed foods such as: fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat diary, lean meats, seafood, beans, and nuts. These low-calories foods will certainly help you stick to your diet with their massive ability to satisfy, as mostly satisfying foods contain lots of fiber and/or low-fat protein which could be found in meat, fish, dairy, and soy.

Weaning oneself off favorite foods which are heavily-processed and very high in fats and calories is your ideal plan to replace such foods with new nutritious options. You are free at any point to create new eating plan while lowering unhealthy foods and adding healthier ones. It’s advised that WLC members let the WLC electronic journal wipe their slate clean through the regular change of plan at the end of every week.

If you happen to have any allergies or intolerances, or you happen to be vegetarian, you need not worry as your personalized WLC eating plan may not include all of the recommended food groups, yet it will actually provide adequate nutrients. It is also advised that everyone should take a daily multivitamin/mineral supplement to fill in any nutritional gaps.

Taking Baby Steps:

Attempting to change everything at once will mostly lead to leaving the goal after a short while; however, when you make one small step at a time, and you gradually make changes in your eating patterns is the most successful way to overhaul your diet, as making diet plans with what to eat and what not to eat cannot be made overnight. You should always give yourself sufficient time to get used to the new behavior by making one change per week as suggested by many experts.

Stocking your cupboards and refrigerator with healthy foods and planning to make your healthier meals at home is an excellent way to start. Begin with picking up a new cookbook or a variety of healthy cuisine specializing cooking magazines. If you have a family recipe that you adore and cannot eliminate it from your menu, just post on the WLC “Recipe Doctor” board for tips and tricks to make it healthier while maintaining its delicious form; you may even try some suggested recipes from the WLC collection.

Setting Realistic Goals:

Taking baby steps not only in changing plans and preparing healthy meals but also in setting goals. The ultimate overall goal is to lose a certain percentage of your body weight or a big number of pounds to fit into clothing sizes that may not be realistic for your at the time, but even losing a small amounts of body weights can help you improve the way you feel and think. Studies show that losing as little as 5% or 10% of your body weight can improve overall health through lowering blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels.

By all means, while setting your weight loss goals, bear in mind that the suggested rate of weight loss is only 1-2 pounds per week. As it takes time to develop new eating habits that will last for the rest of your life.

Rewarding, not Punishing:

After reaching mini-goals, go ahead and reward yourself a little to keep the motivation high. In other words, losing 5 pounds or going to the gym five times in a single week is certainly and achievement and deserves a little reward.

On the other hand, you must not be hard on yourself when you make a mistake, sooner or later everyone will do the same thing. After all, we are all humans being bounds to our needs and desires, so if you made such mistake learn from it and try to anticipate that slipups will happen, and when they happen, just put yourself right back on the track and keep going after your goal. Use those mistakes to learn about what makes you vulnerable, and make your plans and efforts to never fall to the same mistake again without abandoning your diet.

Getting a Buddy:

Everyone in the world needs some support at some point in their lives, as support in an essential part of every successful weight loss program. Try to find a friend or a family member with the same goal and/or mini-goals to join you in your walks or workouts. Make sure to pick the right person for this job, as these people will become a source of inspiration and encouragement especially when things get harder and harder with time.

Tracking Meals:

Every successful weight loser knows how important keeping track of his/her meal is. The simple act of knowing how much they eat and what they eat is a powerful tool that can help keep you in control of your diet. To do so, you can either keep your own diary to track your daily food intake or use the WLC journal function.

Adding Exercises:

Decreasing the amounts of calories you eat and eating healthy are just one side of the coin, the other side which is as important is getting regular physical exercises. These physical activities are a powerful tool to keep burning your calories while maintain balance and increasing strength, also they help reduce stress and improve your overall health.

For busy people, it is recommended you fit in fitness in the morning before anything else, as a way of making sure not to get it squeezed out of their busy day.


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