10 signs that show your dog is bored


1 He spends his time biting his tail

Your dog keeps going around in circles trying to catch his tail? This behavior reveals a deep malaise, often caused by boredom.

2 He licks up all the time

Excessive licking or chewing, including paws, may be a sign that your dog is bored. React quickly because it could cause him irritation.

3 It destroys everything in the house

A dog that adopts a destructive behavior is not a balanced dog. If your dog spends his time doing stupid things and destroying everything that goes under his paw, it is not to annoy you or to avenge your absence, but because he is not stimulated enough. mentally and physically.

4 He is apathetic

If your dog still seems tired, without energy, it’s probably because you do not offer him enough different activities. He does not even want to get up because he knows he’ll be bored. Surprise him!

5 He always seems hungry

A greedy dog who spends his life looking for the slightest crumb of food in the house is not well in his head. The favorite activity of dogs is hunting, so he tries to compensate for a lack of activity by this obsession with food.

6 He follows you everywhere

If you find that your dog is too “sticky” with you, it may be because he is trying to get you a message. If he seems alert to every move you make, ask yourself if it’s not because he’s expecting something from you, like playing in the garden or at the park or going for a run. In short, do something.

7 He barks a lot

Barking allows a dog to release the accumulated energy overflow. If your dog is bored, he will not hesitate to bark on anything that moves (or does not move), because it is a way for him to calm down.

8 He runs away

A dog can run away for several reasons, and one of them is boredom. If your dog is deeply bored when he is with you, he will try to be entertained on his own by exploring other places and other odors alone.

9 He digs holes to excess

It is normal for your dog to dig holes when he goes out into the garden, this is part of the natural behavior of our canine friends. But if your garden looks like a trench, it’s a sign that your dog needs more attention from you.

10 He sulks the exits

If you have been hiking for years with your dog, it is normal for him to be happy to go out. The ride should be a pleasure for the dog, a moment of discovery, even adventure. Make him discover new places every week, and he will quickly find his gaiety of yesteryear!

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