10 Early Signs of Alzheimer’s

Are you having trouble remembering names or misplacing objects? These might be normal parts of aging as well as they could be early signs of Alzheimer. To tell the difference, you need to ask yourself some tough questions.

1. Memory loss

One of the most common symptoms of Alzheimer is memory loss. It is when you start forgetting information you have just learnt, lose track of dates, names, and events, ask for the same information over and over, and rely heavily on memory aids such as post-it and Smartphone or laptop reminders.

2. Trouble planning and problem solving

This stage refers to the situation when you can no longer make plans and stick to them, when it gets tricky to follow a recipe you have used so many times before, when it gets hard to concentrate on detailed task involving number, and when you can no more keep track of your bills and manage your checkbook.

3. Daily tasks are a challenge

Challenging daily tasks in this stage include having trouble driving to locations you go too often to, complete ordinary tasks at work, and forget rules of your favorite games.

4. Times and places are confusing

Symptoms in this phase are a little tricky; they include the situations when you cannot fully understand something that is happening, being disoriented, easily getting lost, and forgetting where you are and how you got there in the first place.

5. Changes in vision

This phase is very crucial as it may affect your driving. This phase include symptoms like not being able to read words on the page, having trouble judging distance, and differentiating between colors.


6. Words and conversations are frustrating

This phase is about when you get confused and start calling things by the wrong name, finding the right word, avoiding joining in conversations because they are a struggle for you, not being able to follow a conversation, constantly stopping in the middle of a conversation because you do not know what to say, and keep repeating the same thing over and over.

7. You lose things

This is the phase when you start accusing people of taking your things, misplacing things, putting things in unusual places like a phone in the fridge or a book in the microwave oven, and not being able to retrace yourself to find things you forgot where you left them.

8. Lapse in judgment

This is when you start doing things you wouldn’t normally do like giving money away, making poor decisions, not showering as often as you used to, taking less care of yourself, and wearing a dress for the wrong weather.

9. Social withdrawal

This phase is when you start getting away from social life like scaling back on projects, being less involved in your favorite hobbies, lacking motivation, and watching TV and sleeping more than usual.

10. Mood changes

Mood changes has to do with how you feel towards people as when you start being suspicious of people, getting upset easily and about silly things, feeling depressed, scared, and/or anxious for no reason.

If you happen to see yourself or someone you know have these symptoms, it is advised to visit a doctor in order to evaluate your physical along with your mental health.

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